Nicolas Bouriette



Bio /

Nicolas Bouriette was born in 1970 in Pau in the southwest of France.
Influenced by artistic and cultural revolution of these times. He was bound to develop a liking for aesthetics. Graduated in art school, Nicolas has made much of his professional career in Paris in the area of interior design. Nicolas is a designer, art director and professional photographer since 2001, won several awards, with numerous publications in the international press and exhibited his work in Milan, Paris and St. Etienne. Since that he has continued to develop his artistic eye and his passion for photography and art.

Traveller in mind, for the past years he lived around Europe to enrich his artistic perspective. Berlin, Rome, Lisbon, London, Brazil, Poland and France between Paris and Biarritz where he currently live.

/ Exhibitions

Maison & Objet
Biennal design St Étienne
Milan design fair
Design center of Marseille

/ Awards

Bronze medal of the city of Bordeaux
Award from Maison & Objet of Paris
Award VIA (Innovation in Furnishings)
Photographic exhibition Brazil, Paris Sorbonne

Clients /

Décathlon (France)
Arpège (France)
Marriott (France)
Anne Millois (France)
Hopaal (France)
Espadrille Chistera (France)
Groupe de Pavie (France)
Pipolaki (France)
Louvre Hotels Group (France)
Capgemini (France)
Axa (France)
Candia (France)
Chaussures André (France)
Swarovski (France)
Flink (Germany)
UberEats (France)
Deliveroo (UK) (UK)
ZenChef (France)
Epicery (France)
Les jus paf (France)
YamFood (France)
L’Okara (France)
LL Concept (France)
PinUp Secret (France)
BeautySané (France)
Sofia Vera (DK)
Sofitel (Brazil)

MdM Guinle Art Advisory (France) (UK)
Erika Duartre Arquitetura (Brazil)
Linha Arquitetura (Brazil)
Dobra Arquitetura (Brazil)
Fita Arquitetura (Brazil)
Opera na tela (Brazil)
GNT TV (Brazil)
Arkadine (France)
Portas Consulting (USA)
Naona (France)
Wasabi (Brazil)
Estelle (Brazil)
Del Río Gielman (Brazil)
Tramacasa (Brazil)
Qvizu (Brasil)
Ana Berredo joias (Brazil)
Bistro do Paço (Brazil)
Oscar restaurant (Brazil)
Movendo Design (Brazil)
Morolli Arquitetura (Brazil)
Ana Luiza Neri Arquitetura (Brazil)
B.Co Arquitetura (Brazil)
Rodrigo Ferreira Arquitetura (Brazil)
ZM Arquitetura (Brazil)
Oka Imoveis (Brazil)
E&E Drummond Arquitetura (Brazil)

/ Release

AD magazine
Casa Vogue Brasil
Casa e Jardim
Casa Claudia
Le Temps
Magazine Decorare
Magazine NaToca
Maison Française
Paris Match
Elle Décoration
OB Design
Marie Claire
Résidence Décoration
Architectural Digest
Apartment Therapy
Vida Simple
Magazine France-Brésil