• Instants éphémères

    Series of 17 photography "Instants éphémères" of This liaison is a symbolic language, a window into our unconscious. Beyond our individual unconscious, the collective unconscious marks its universal symbolic presence. Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, Poland, 2016 Lambda c-type print serie.
  • Synthèse graphique

    Series of 5 photography "Synthèse graphique" of what do we look when there is almost nothing to see. Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, Poland, 2016 Lambda c-type print serie.
  • Child’s point of view

    Open series photography "The child's point of view" of child's point of view, when a child around 4 years old see our world presence. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016 Lambda c-type print serie.
  • Corps détachés

    Series of 14 photography "Corps détachés" of  we all have our gestures, our body language, but it changes when we are relaxed? Picinguaba, Brazil, 2015. Lambda c-type print serie.
  • Ephemeral

    Series of 5 photography "Temps" of time is ephemeral. Brazil, 2016 Diasec print serie.
  • Some people in my life

    Series of 8 photography "Some people in my life" of portrait of people who influenced my life. France, Poland, Brazil, 2010... no end Lambda c-type print serie.
  • Vue du train

    Series of 10 photography "Vue du train", look through the window you'll see. France, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, 2008-2015 Lambda c-type print serie