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nicolas bouriette

He was born in the 70s in the southwest of France, influenced by artistic and cultural revolution of these times. He was bound to develop a liking for aesthetics thanks to his family heritage with his grandmother being an artist and his father passionate about photography. Indeed it was his father who offered him a first photography course and his first Canon camera, when he was only 12 years old. Since that early age Nicolas has continued to develop his artistic eye and his passion for photography and art. To follow that path he studied and graduated in design. Nicolas has made much of his professional career in Paris in the area of design and decoration. In 2001, he opened his own design company, won several awards, numerous publications in the international press and exhibited his work in Milan, Paris and St. Etienne. He never put photography aside and worked for the press, and corporate business. But his real passion for art made him decide to go back to his childhood dreams and focus on art photography. Traveller in mind, for the past years he lived around Europe to enrich his artistic perspective. Berlin, Rome, Lisbon and London were his homes before he finally brought his suitcases and equipment between Paris and Rio de Janeiro, where he currently lives and works.

nicolas bouriette

Photographe professionnel depuis de nombreuses années, il regarde la vie sous un angle de beauté. Inscrit sur Certification Art Trust

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Fine art

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L'incontrounable regard

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la sentiment


Quand le rêve me rejoin.

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Le ciel, une promenade.

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La ville

La ville, dans toute sa beauté.

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nicolas bouriette

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